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Chandeliers add ambiance and sophistication to any space, but those things come at a price. Often, chandeliers are expensive, which means that if you invest in one, you want it with you for years to come.

At Craters & Freighters Birmingham we understand that moving your chandelier safely is important to you. That makes it important to us. If you need to ship your chandelier and are DIYing the packing process, we’re giving you our tips and tricks to ensure your chandelier stays safe throughout the shipping stream.


Steps for Successfully Preparing Your Chandelier for Shipping


Prepping your chandelier for shipping is a big part of its safe, successful shipment. The best part, it only has three very essential steps.

Step 1- Hire an electrician

What you never want to do unless you have the skillset is mess with electricity. Before you start dismantling, wrapping, or removing any part of your chandelier, have an electrician come to ensure the power is properly shut off from the chandelier.

We work with various Electricians in Birmingham who will quickly and responsibly disconnect your chandelier’s power and recommend:

Step 2- Remove removable pieces

Be sure you remove all removable pieces that you cannot adequately secure to the chandelier. This may include bulbs, crystals, lampshades, and other adornments. Note that if you can secure pieces to the chandelier safely using bubble wrap, tape, or foam, you can do that.

Use your best judgment based on fragility and value. Sometimes going the extra mile pays off; packing your chandelier is not where you want to take shortcuts. If you remove individual pieces, be sure to keep matching parts and components together when you wrap and box them, so you’re not confused when you put them back up.

Step 3- Bag and box hanging hardware

Carefully remove all screws, bolts, wires, chains, and other hanging necessities so you can easily reinstall the chandelier in its new home. Place these items inside a bag and secure them in their own labeled box.

For hanging parts that cannot be removed, use ties to keep wires and cables together and organized.


Steps for Successfully Packing Your Chandelier for Shipping


Now that you’ve prepped your chandelier, the packaging can commence.

Step 1- Wrap each connected piece

Whenever possible, wrap each piece of the chandelier individually to ensure the pieces don’t knock against each other during the move. Wrap by section using high-quality wrapping paper. Each arm, scroll, finial, crystal, section, etc., should be entirely covered in paper and secured to the chandelier using tape. When the chandelier is completely covered in paper, wrap it in high-quality bubble wrap using several layers for the best protection.

After the chandelier’s body has been wrapped in bubble wrap, you can put it in a garbage bag filled with peanuts for an extra layer of security.

Step 2- Use the proper container

Be sure to find the optimal size container for your shipment. The more precise the size, the safer your chandelier will be. We recommend having about 4” of extra space at each side of the container to properly outfit it with cushioning.

The container should be durable and cushioned, and lined on the inside for more protection and to ensure the chandelier doesn’t move while being transported. Use bubble wrap or moving blankets to soften the box sides. Make sure the box is completely full of packaging materials so the chandelier can’t move during shipping.

Depending on the fragility, value, and destination of your chandelier, a corrugated box or a custom wooden crate should be considered.

Step 3- Box pieces separately

All items removed from the chandelier should be bubble wrapped and boxed in a container other than that of the chandelier. Use appropriate methods to ensure their safety throughout transit.

If the pieces are small and the chandelier’s container has room, you can wrap them and put them in a bag, then tape the bag inside the same box as the chandelier.

Step 4- Label your containers

After your items are boxed, write on the container “Fragile” and “This side up” to keep people informed and contribute to safety efforts. Be sure to label what’s in the box so you can find all chandelier pieces with ease.


Shipping a Chandelier out of Birmingham


Packaging your chandelier is no small task, but these tips will help keep it safe for shipping. Whether your chandelier needs domestic or international shipping, we’d like to offer our support. We can help as much or little as you’d like.

If you’d prefer to use our packaging specialists, we’re ready to pack, crate, and ship your chandelier with our world-renowned commitment to detail. Our team implements sophisticated packaging methods, inclusive of tailored crating and brace-suspension securement in each uniquely designed crate.

Contact us to learn more about how we crate and package chandeliers. You take care of the electrician; we’ll take care of the rest.