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Shipping Services


National and Global Shipping Services in Alabama & Tennessee

Craters & Freighters offers comprehensive domestic and international shipping services. Our team can effectively manage even the most challenging shipping projects, no matter the size, weight, value, or sensitivity. We are skilled industry leaders who have experience, insight, and dedication that supports every shipment we take on.

We will pick up your valuables at your residential or commercial location, transport them to our warehouse for any packaging needs, and ship them by air, ground, or sea. Our custom-designed shipping services, logistics experts, and customer support is unmatched. If you’re interested in even more peace of mind, we offer insurance for any shipment.

Our local shipping company has no weight or size restrictions, and we’ll ship virtually anything virtually anywhere.

The Secret to Our Success is Inside Our Crates

With our decades of experience comes more knowledge and insight than most shipping companies. We understand that what’s inside the crate matters as much as the crate itself. Our skills are broad and combined with our technology; we will design the perfect, unique container and its supporting cushioning scheme for every asset.

Padding schemes and smart bracing protect your items from a relentless shipping stream. We engineer our crates to withstand the unforeseen, using a proactive approach, ensuring security. Your valuables will receive the specifically tailored packaging and crating solution necessary for their safe arrival.

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A Wide Range of Methods and Modes

Our shipping services come with various methods and modes so that you can utilize us as needed. We are dedicated to every project, whether it needs to be shipped across the state or across the globe; by air, land, or sea.

Call us to talk about your needs, budget, and timeframe. We will put together a shipping plan that meets your goals and provide you with the quality services and methods that go hand-in-hand with Craters & Freighters proven solutions.

U.S. Domestic Shipping
Whether you need business-to-business, business-to-residence, or residence-to-residence domestic shipping, we can make it smooth and streamlined utilizing our national network of resources. Our shipping team is here to handle the logistics, the packing, and the transport.

International Shipping
Craters & Freighters is an international shipping company with reliable, responsible international resources that we’ve worked with for decades. We have the experience and knowledge for your international export shipping project. We’ll help with all documentation and ensure safe, efficient entry into the country of destination, always staying on budget and on time.

Freight Forwarding
If you’re looking for transportation-only services, our Birmingham location has you covered with comprehensive freight forwarding services. We know all the restrictions, codes, and security measures to ensure your exports arrive with ease.

Pickup and Delivery
Our team is able to pick up items from virtually any commercial site or residence. If necessary, we will design and engineer custom wooden crates and packaging on-site at your location or bring your assets to our facility to pack and crate them there.

When your assets arrive at their final destination, we will deliver them to the end of the truck or liftgate.

White-Glove Service
Our white-glove service provides special handling for those items that are exceptionally fragile, sensitive, or of high value. Your valuables are always treated with care and respect; our team uses the proper techniques to handle and manage the more delicate items through their shipping process.

On-Site Crating Service
Working with a variety of industries, we’ve shipped some shockingly large, awkward, and sensitive items. We know those items usually can’t be brought to us, so we’ll come to them. We can design and build the perfect crate for your asset on-site at your commercial or residential location. Don’t worry; your crate and supporting packaging will be every bit as secure as if it were built at our warehouse.

Custom Commercial Packaging and Industrial Crating Services
Your commercial assets are vital to your business, and we respect that. We will go above and beyond to provide these items with the custom packaging and crating needs to ensure safe transportation and arrival. No matter how demanding the project, we can do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my item(s) be shipped?

Depending on the item and level of service requested, we ship by truck, air, and sea.

Do you ship nationwide?

Yes. We currently have 65+ individually owned and operated franchise locations across the country that specialize in shipping nationwide and internationally. Whether you’re a residential or business customer, we can assist you with all of your logistics needs.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do! Contact us for further information, quotes and availability. Please see our International Shipping page for more information.

Do you pick up and deliver?

Yes, we offer pickup and delivery services. Visit our Pickup & Delivery page for more information.

Can you provide white-glove delivery?

Yes, we offer white-glove services as an added option in shipping. Visit our White-Glove Delivery page for more information

Do you offer time-critical and overnight services?

Yes, please contact us for more information and pricing.

Do you ship art, antiques, fragile and high-value items?

Yes! Please see our Art & Antiques page.

Do you provide military and government shipping?

Yes, please see our Military & Government Shipping page.

Do you ship heavy industrial machinery and equipment?

Yes, we do! Please see our Heavy Equipment Crating & Shipping page.

Do you provide estate shipping services?

Yes, Please see our Estate & Trust Shipping page for more information.

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Our team knows exactly what it takes to make your tailored shipping project a successful one. We have the services and experience to back us up. We are thoughtful and effective, and dedicated to every shipment that passes through our doors. Our logistics teams, shipping specialists, custom crating teams, and customer satisfaction experts will not let you down. We are truly a one-stop-shop for all your shipping needs.